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360° reality escape games will get under your skin.
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The world's first reality escape games

Exit games in reality

Play our exit games in real life online from home via mobile, tablet or PC.
Face an exciting mission alone or with friends, find clues and solve puzzles.
You can expect 90 minutes of variety, excitement and experience in the real world.
No registration, no download required. Buy a beautifully designed mission card now and play immediately or later, or give it as a gift.

multi player

  1. Buy mission codes for an online escape room - each code can be used by 2 players - any number of players can play
  2. start mission
  3. each player plays from their mobile, tablet or PC in their own language
  4. divide the tasks of the mission - together you can find clues and solve puzzles
  5. use WhatsApp, Skpe etc. to exchange ideas
  6. experience 90 minutes of fun and excitement together - no matter where you are.

single player

  1. Buy mission code
  2. start mission
  3. select language
  4. play on your mobile, tablet or PC
  5. find clues online, solve puzzles, complete the mission
  6. 90 minutes of fun and excitement
  7. the game can be paused at any time