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This Is Not A Game: Blurring the Boundaries between Game and Reality

Blur the lines between reality and gameplay. Our ARG (Alternate Reality Games) challenge you to solve puzzles and uncover secrets that span across the internet, personal communications, and the physical world. Step into an adventure that's more than just a game.

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What are Online Escape Games?
Online Escape Games offer a captivating world full of puzzles and mysteries that can be explored from the comfort of your own home. Their gameplay is based on the concept of physical escape rooms. Players must solve various puzzles within a set time to virtually "escape" from a room or situation. These games focus on problem-solving, teamwork, and creative thinking. Nowadays, you can find a wide range of themes and difficulty levels online, with many providers offering both free online escape rooms and paid versions.
Alternate Reality Games (ARGs)
As an extended form of online escape games, Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) blend the real world with fiction, often incorporating various media and interactive elements. ARGs draw from a complexity that traditional online escape room games expand upon by offering players puzzles and tasks in their real environment, thus taking the concept of escape room games for home to new levels. These games are often used in marketing and to entertain brand communities.
The Appeal of Digital Escape Rooms
The unique aspect of online escape games is that they bring the excitement and challenge of traditional escape rooms into your own living space. With an escape game for adults at home, participants can indulge in their sense of adventure anytime and anywhere. The digitization and wide accessibility of titles like Secret Society, Carrie's Family, and Bermuda Wrecks have led to these games reaching a broad audience. Free escape games for mobile, online escape room multiplayer, and variants for groups like online escape room for 2 people allow for a fun evening with friends or family.
One of the major advantages of online escape rooms is the ability to play together with others. Whether you solve exciting puzzles with a friend or in a larger group in the online escape room multiplayer, the opportunity to play as a team online is a key element. To start a multiplayer game, simply follow the instructions of the respective game for team creation and choose whether you want to be the host or a participant. Being locked in a playful scenario with friends and family is not only entertaining but also fosters collaboration and strategic thinking.
Tips for Beginners
For newcomers to online escape rooms, the beginning may seem challenging. A good piece of advice is to start small and gain experience with easier puzzles, such as the free Paragamix escape game without registration. It's also wise to pay attention to details and thoroughly examine everything in the environment. Many online escape room games also offer built-in hint systems that can be used if you get stuck at a point. Playing various mobile escape games can also help train and improve your problem-solving skills.
Accessible from Anywhere
All you need is a web browser to dive into the world of online games. A current web browser with a stable internet connection is sufficient to access escape room games on PC, mobile, or tablet and immerse yourself in the world of our ARG online escape room games. Purchase a MissionCard and start your adventure immediately or whenever you want.

Target Audiences

Families and Friends
For families and friends, online escape room games offer the ideal opportunity to spend time together and face new challenges playfully. The interaction and cooperation fostered by such escape room games online for adults strengthen social bonds and provide excitement and fun. Special online escape games in German or English are both educational and entertaining, making them a popular leisure activity. Many providers offer different difficulty levels, so escape games for adults and children alike can enjoy solving the puzzles.
Single Players
Single players also get their money's worth with online escape game providers. Thanks to a wide range of themes and stories, escape room games can be enjoyed alone, providing a way to challenge oneself. Whether free or paid mobile escape games, online games allow individuals to solve puzzles flexibly and conveniently from anywhere. For a perfect brain teaser in between, our online escape games can be started immediately without registration.
Corporate teams increasingly use online escape games as team-building activities. Online escape room multiplayer variants are excellent for improving collaboration and problem-solving skills in a relaxed yet challenging environment. Specially developed escape room games for PC can be tailored to a company's specific needs, providing a personalized experience that also promotes team spirit.


  1. Select an escape game above and purchase mission codes to play with others.
  2. Multiple players can play simultaneously.
  3. Each code is valid for 2 players.
  4. One person can purchase all codes and distribute them before the game.
  5. Start your mission
  6. Each pair of players shares a code and enters it separately.
  7. Play on your own device and choose your language.
  8. Divide tasks and communicate via WhatsApp, Skype, etc.
  9. Together, you'll find clues and solve puzzles like in an escape room.

Single Player

  1. Click above on an escape game and purchase a mission code.
  2. Start your mission.
  3. Choose your language.
  4. Play on your phone, tablet, or PC.
  5. Find clues online, solve puzzles, and complete the mission.
  6. Experience 60 minutes of gameplay, fun, and excitement.
  7. Pause the game anytime and re-enter the code to resume.