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Secret society Singapore
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Secret societies, in which both legal and illegal business is conducted, continue to have influence in Singapore society to this day, and this is particularly great among the Chinese minority. The main five secret societies were founded by a group of Shaolin monks in the Qing Dynasty. Singapore's strict laws have kept secret societies in check since the mid-1970s, but the secret societies have always adapted to the challenges. Take on the role of either the perpetrator or the detective and experience the same mission from different angles.
Welcome to the world of secret societies.
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Your mission: Perpetrator
You've already had a beer or two. You panic when you realize again that you are broke. In the "make money online" forum, you meet Huang Wang Feng from Singapore, who claims to have achieved some wealth. Huang listens carefully to your little problem and tells you about this wonderful association he joined, promising that they will take care of everything for you. You are a little skeptical, but it's your only chance to make ends meet for the next while. Even though you're a little hesitant, you decide to contact Huang again via the green chat button. Curious, you type
Your mission: Detective
You are a detective: In search of distraction, you surf the Internet and come across a strange entry by Huang Wang Feng from Singapore in a forum of conspiracy theorists. You are a little skeptical but your curiosity is stronger. What is there to the story? To experience the mission from the detective's point of view, buy a mission code.
Your challenge
Duration of the mission: 90 minutes
Age: Recommended from 16 years upwards
Level: Medium, but you can always ask for hints
Multiplayer: Communicate via WhatsApp or Messenger on a second channel

The press writes

Paragamix did a great job with tying the storyline between all of the games. If you are a beginner, you'll want to pick either Sherry Adventure or Adele. The answers to the questions were to be entered into the chatbot once you've found them. If you are looking for harder puzzles, Bermuda Wrecks or Carries Family would be your best bet.
Secret Society Singapore had a really cool concept where you had a choice of choosing to play either the preparator or the detective right at the beginning. It's interesting to view the storyline from two different perspectives. There were definitely some cool tech uses that were designed into the 360 interfaces. If you love ARG-style games, you might find it quite fascinating to follow the breadcrumbs.

full text

The game designers really took the players with them to places we didn't know that existed on this planet. Through the 360 image tours, we're able to enter abandoned buildings (very creepy by the way in Adele and Carries Family), explore the beautiful island of Bermuda, enter sherry cellars and roam around the busy streets of Singapore.