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Bermuda wrecks
The Bermuda Islands are famous for their numerous shipwrecks that dot the surrounding waters. Among them, the Sea Venture, which sank in 1609, holds historical significance and untold mysteries. Are you prepared to delve into this captivating maritime history?

Your mission

Embark online on an immersive, audio-enhanced 3D adventure where the line between game and reality fades, enabling exploration of the planet's most enigmatic locales. Play solo or with friends, anytime, anywhere.
Take on the 60- to 90-minute challenge suitable for ages 14 and up. Get hints as needed. Each mission code is valid for two players; for groups, simply purchase more codes. Use WhatsApp or Messenger for communication and experience an engaging team adventure.


A Window to the Past
Across the world's oceans lie anestimated three million shipwrecks, with only a fraction discovered. It's believed every tenth ship harbors valuable cargo, including gold bars, coins, jewels, and porcelain, cumulatively worth around €30 billion, attracting treasure hunters globally. The Bermuda Islands are known as the "shipwreck capital of the world," with over 300 shipwrecks peppering its waters. These wrecks offer unique insights into maritime history and bear witness to the numerous ships that met their end due to accidents or navigational errors in the perilous waters surrounding the islands​​.
Hidden Treasures
Despite the high number of shipwrecks already discovered, speculation abounds that many more wrecks and associated treasures may still lie undiscovered in the depths around Bermuda. The islands have a long history of trade and seafaring, including the era of Spanish and Portuguese treasure ships, which may have carried valuable cargoes like gold and personal items still waiting to be discovered. The exploration and recovery of these treasures are complex and regulated by the Bermuda Historic Wrecks Act of 2001, ensuring the protection of these historical sites​​.
The Search Continues
Research projects like Bermuda 100, in collaboration with the University of California, San Diego, are utilizing advanced technologies such as photogrammetry and 3D computer models to create a comprehensive digital atlas of underwater wreck sites. These efforts not only enhance our understanding of the history beneath the sea surface but also open doors for possible future discoveries​​.