FAQ - How does it work ?

Here you will find answers to questions about our online escape games. If you have any further questions or need an individual offer, please write us E-Mail.

How do I book?

You can choose between different missions and play at any time without an appointment. The mission codes will be sent to you automatically directly after booking and payment. Each code is valid for 1-2 players for 3 years and costs 9,80 USD. After entering the code, it is valid for another 60 hours.

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Difficulty level?

The Sherry Adventure and Adele missions are more suitable for beginners. Carrie's Family is for beginners and advanced players, and Bermuda Wrecks and Singapore Secret Society are for advanced players.


Playable via tablet, laptop and personal computer. You should have a sound card, if you play together also a microphone. You must be able to send e-mails from your device. In the course of the game, several windows or tabs are opened. They should have experience with handling multiple windows in the browser. Some puzzles made use of Google StreetView. You should have some experience with this.


No dates are assigned. You can start the games anytime 24/7 hours. You must finish the mission after 60 hours. Within this time there is no time limit and you can interrupt the game at any time.

How is the process?

First, each player selects his language and enters a code (2 players share one code each). Everyone plays with their own mobile device PC or laptop in their own language from any location. One game lasts 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the size of the group.

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You can play alone or together with others. Any number of people can play at the same time. Each code can be used by up to 2 players.

How many codes?

Any number of people from around the world can play simultaneously. Each code is valid for 2 players. If you want to play the game with 3 people, you will therefore need two codes accordingly.


All missions are playable in 4 languages (German, English, Spanish, French) - even simultaneously. Each player chooses his language at the beginning.

Access code missing

The mission code will be sent automatically after payment by email. Check your spam folder too. If you did not receive an email, please contact us email.

Can I pause?

The code is valid for 60 hours after you enter it. During this time you can interrupt the game at any time. Entering RESTART in the dialog window, you can continue the game and enter the last known solution word or directly enter the number of the respective puzzle you want to continue with.


Each player logs in with his own device and the mission code and plays independently separately from the other players. Groups can be formed by your own via a 2nd channel, e.g. Teams, WhatsApp, Zoom, etc. You can divide into groups as you wish. We recommend 2-4 people per group. Divide the tasks of the mission within the team if you like and exchange information. Together you will find clues and solve puzzles like in an Escape Room. One player can buy all the mission codes and distribute the codes to the teammates before the game.

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A commercial invoice is generated by the system and automatically emailed to you immediately after payment. Make sure to enter the correct billing address in the order process.

we do not get on

If you enter HELP in the dialog window, you will get a hint at any time. With SOLVE the puzzle is skipped - so you can't get stuck.

real escape room?

You are not playing a real Escape Room but an online game via the browser of your device. If you want to play a real Escape Room, where you see the room via cameras and control a human game master as an avatar through a mission, then we recommend our Remote Games. Here you have to book an appointment. Three missions can be played simultaneously with 5-50 participants each.

remote escape room

For teaching?

All missions can be used for online teaching, also in English, French and Spanish.


All games are played online from any location through the web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari...) of a tablet, laptop or PC. You do not need to download anything or log in. Compatible with all devices.

Play together?

Although each player sees the game on their own screen and can play independently, the game requires communication and cooperation among players to solve the puzzles. Therefore, it is important for all players to play simultaneously and share their actions and discoveries via WhatsApp or video conference.