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Suitable for international team events, as multilingual, platform and location independent. Compatible with any device and firewall friendly.
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Any number of players split into teams of 2-4 people and play via the web browser of their device (mobile or PC). Buy mission codes and distribute them to the players. Each code can be used by 2 players.
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Each player starts the mission at the same time from any location and enters their MissionCode. Via video conference (Teams, Hangout, Skype, WhatsApp) you solve the different tasks of the mission in 90 minutes together as a team.
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A commercial invoice is automatically sent with the order. Upon request, payment on account is also possible. Tell us your requirements.
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Paragamix did a great job with tying the storyline between all of the online escape games. If you are a beginner, you'll want to pick either Sherry Adventure or the escape game Adele. The answers to the questions were to be entered into the chatbot once you've found them. If you are looking for harder puzzles, Bermuda Wrecks or Carries Family would be your best bet.
The ARG online escape game Secret Society Singapore had a really cool concept where you had a choice of choosing to play either the preparator or the detective right at the beginning. It's interesting to view the storyline from two different perspectives. There were definitely some cool tech uses that were designed into the 360 interfaces. If you love ARG-style escape games, you might find it quite fascinating to follow the breadcrumbs.
The game designers really took the players with them to places we didn't know that existed on this planet. Through the 360 image tours, we're able to enter abandoned buildings (very creepy by the way in Adele and Carries Family), explore the beautiful island of Bermuda, enter sherry cellars and roam around the busy streets of Singapore.

Supervised online escape room

Your team connects via Teams, Hangout or Zoom. No matter where you are, you will find yourselves together in a real Escape Room. There you control our game leader as a human avatar in an exciting mission, find clues and solve puzzles together. You can expect 60 minutes of variety, excitement and pure experience. The game master speaks German and English, he accompanies you before, during and after the game and depends on the skill level of the team. Please book an appointment online. Platform and location independent. Compatible with any device.
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Locked in a mysterious computer center, you hack into a social media server to stop the manipulated image campaign of an ex-president. But time is running out: there are only 60 minutes left before the game master runs out of oxygen!


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Join us in this exciting escape adventure: Your spaceship is stranded on a foreign desert planet. Can you manage to get the wreckage afloat again in time?


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A valuable Egyptian artifact disappears from the museum in Cairo and you have to find it. What does this have to do with the sleazy art dealer John Drake? Steer our game master through a fascinating world and find out together!